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Our Evidence-Based Investing Approach

The Essence of Who We Are and What We Do Comes to Life Through the Experience We Deliver to Our Clients Every Day.

When you work with us, you can expect that we will be fully devoted to doing what’s best for you - not what’s best for us.

As an independent wealth management firm, we make all of our recommendations based solely on how it best serves your near and long-term goals. That’s why our approach is fundamentally different. By combining emotional and intelligence quotient - EQ and IQ - we can help you build a more secure financial future. Here’s how we do it:


Investment Intelligence

S Venture Capital Advisors invests across a diverse field of market places and industry sectors within a global forum. The specific type and / or location of each investment opportunity is of no relevance to our in house experts. Our main objective is simple and based on risk verses reward ratios, any move or recommendation made by ourselves to our clients on this basis ensures them consistent returns and, in so doing, furthers the reputation and profitability of our company.

S Venture Capital Advisors conducts vital day to day activities and services for our clients. We are consistently available to assist and advise our clients wherever required both in terms of their existing investment portfolio, but also in said portfolios growth, aiming to capitalize on the diversity the global market place has to offer at all times. All of these vital day to day activities are performed to ensure that we are at the top of of our game and remain leaders in the investment markets.

Our knowledge and experience of the telecommunications market is second to none and in the last 24 months we have taken full advantage of investing in the sectors providers, its cellular towers and the rapidly evolving technology which is wireless data. Within the materials market, global agricultural demand has provided the company and our client’s solid returns, as has gold, the global reserve currency, which has continued to surprise even the most experienced investor.


Our approach to evidence-based investing starts by identifying your most pressing financial issues and concerns. The investment approach embraces the facts that have come from decades of academic and practitioner research. Nothing we do is based on opinion, hope or hype. Just facts. We’ll help you build a plan to withstand market turbulence to free you to focus on what's most important to you. We’ll help you think through the key decisions that will impact you and your family for years and decades to come helping you create a plan that considers an appropriate investment strategy, risk management, tax minimization, and more.


We set out to deliver a clearer sense of direction and calm to our clients to help ease the anxieties and worries that can come with money. We’ll help you learn to ignore turbulent markets and rest easier knowing a plan is in place that ultimately accounts for inevitable market uncertainty. We'll help you understand the risks your assets are exposed to and ensure you're only taking on as much risk as you have the ability, willingness and need to do so.  

Why Choose Us?

S Venture Capital Advisors has emerging market knowledge and extensive industry experience which enables us to build successful, long standing and mutually respected client relations. Our management team and the workforce alike is fortunate to have the rare and valuable combination of both operational and investment capabilities.